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Programs & Offerings

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Monday Evenings at 7pm
in Nashville, TN
2nd Sunday of the Month  at 7pm
Globally Wherever You Are in the World
solo : partner : world : cosmo
breath : movement  : sound
Wholehearted Love Series are multiple week Explorations in living a Full Spectrum Life

These Series Rotate throughout the Year
These experiences of exploration are designed to
build up layers of self discovery and integrated embodiment
There are weekly and monthly practice explorations,
and events throughout the year
Throughout the Year there are Opportunities to
 Join events designed to Immerse us in the
Divine Sensuality of Everyday Life
Special Events

Divine Sensuality

Pure Pleasure Dinner Party

This is an evening of exploring the sensual pleasures of being alive.  We will dine and play!
There are no formal practices at this event, however there are stations of exploration, and in the past we have been gift bags throughout the space for you to collect treasures for each of the earthly senses throughout the evening. 
The Mystic Wisdom resides within You
Sovereignty is your Birthright
This talking stick circle is an opportunity to come together with others to explore themes and questions so we can collectively remember the mystic wisdom through
the gateway of our hearts

Sensual Integration

Meditation Experience

A physical meditative journey through breathwork, sounding,  and movement to music to guide you across an erotic landscape of exploration and emBODYment
Enter the nonphysical realms where anything is possible and  your wildest dreams are experiential.
Turning on your senses * Divining your body
Indulge your Senses as we stir up delicious concoctions and recipes together
Aphrodisiacs are woven into the pleasures we create in the kitchen, but the deepest pleasure comes from partaking of these treats with
wild curiosity of the flavors

Cosmic Love on Canvas

Artistic Exploration Evening

Bringing love energies into physical form on canvas :
the evening starts with a guided meditation and tea circle
music and freeplay of art stations available
throughout the remainder of the evening
so you can find your creative sensual flow
*finger painting * liquid wax coloring * pastels*
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solo : partner : world : cosmo
breath : movement  : sound
Image by v2osk
Come explore your options for cultivating sexual charge in partner practices
Archetypes of identity will be explored in this game of being on the stage of life
We will assume various roles to explore the charge of polarity in the theater of our existence
Explorations  working with these
Practice and Concepts in a Supportive Container 
of Undivided Attention
Dinner Party & Sovereignty Circle
Canvas Cosmic Love
Theater of Love
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